Kathouz KatGrafix Co.

Web & Print Design

Chriss Sather Designer

I help individuals, business' and organizations achieve more success with their online endeavors. I am independent, have been a graphics freelancer for many years. You can view my BBB Rating here.

I am a small seller on eBay, Etsy and Facebook MarketPlace occasionally. You may come across my ads in these seller networks as well as on my store site at Kathouz.Net

How can I help you?

My mission is to help you succeed in your efforts to promote your business, service, product or project in the most appealing way possible within the budget set forward.

I care about how you look online, in your brochures and your first impression on your business card. I enjoy watching a person succeed in doing what they love and seeing positive results that come from that success.

It is a great honor for me to be part of your design team and I look forward to the next project that we will approach together every step of the way.

Type of Clients

Print Design: I can design, edit and produce your project myself; or I will design the project and then outsource the finished designed project to one of my supplier partners for the finished product. This would happen in the case where I cannot full fill volume demands without a support team or if I lack the equipment it takes to create the project items in my own studio. I am also a Print Consultant. I have different suppliers for different types of projects.

Web Development If you need a responsive website/app for your Business, Service, Project or Product. I usually build websites either with WordPress templates and then customize them or I like to work with Mobi Bootstrap website builder; which is a html5/java style builder that works great for creating responsive web apps that work across all of your devices.