Kathouz KatGrafix co

Responsive Website Apps, Hosting and Publishing

200-187 Bridge Street. Princeton BC Canada V0X-1W0

1st Contact -Text Chriss : Cell 250-295-2491

My Perfect Client

Will make the effort to follow through and contact me by my cell phone, preferably text for initial 1st contact.

Is inquiring to have their website created, evaluated for improvements or needs a more responsive website for all devices.

May need hosting services or a person to run their website on a server.

Wants to have their website more connected to their social media world and can't do it themself.

May need help with listing their business on Google.

Interested in setting up G-Suite for personal or for business use.

May need someone to manage/update their site regularly or periodically.

May need other published products designed and created for them periodically, perhaps, business cards or art card prints.

Lives in Canada and requires work done in English.

Likes to work one on one with a Designer or Publisher.

Contact me by form mail; https://www.kathouz.ca/services-request It will take a few minutes to fill out a small questionnaire

If this sounds like you and you can identify with any of these circumstances then I can help.